Our Mission:
To serve our clients by building trusting relationships and coaching them to achieve their goals and reach their desired financial future.
Our Vision:
Putting people first and adding value to their lives by becoming their primary trusted financial advisor. 

At Prosper Wealth Management, we know you will be at ease from the moment you talk or meet with us. We invite you to share your life story so that we can get to know you and begin to build a long-term relationship where we are working together to meet your financial goals. We have built our business around the core principle that if we treat our clients as friends and family who we want around for many years, then they will stay committed to us as well. 

Our services include planning your ideal retirement, creating a comprehensive financial plan, wealth accumulation and management, and helping you set up college savings plans for your children or grandchildren. We help clients not only plan for their retirement, but also for future generations.

We know that the financial industry can be overwhelming. Planning your best life means seeking the advice of a financial professional you can trust and will understand you.

Helping you to meet your financial goals is our #1 priority. We will keep you informed and educated with financial planning articles and tools that we feel are important to planning your best life. Through various newsletters and market alerts, we will keep you updated on topics that may affect you.

Let us meet and help you begin your desired financial journey.  Contact us at tony@propserwealth.com or call (715) 365-6500 to schedule a time to discuss your financial questions.