At Prosper Wealth Management we take the time to get to know each one of our clients. Through personalized service we are able to understand your needs and what you need to create your best life. Our clients are at different stages in their life and we are able to help create a financial plan to meet these needs. Feel free to review our services to see which may meet your needs. 

Retirement Income Strategies

When you retire, you go from saving and investing your money to spending it. This transition is difficult for some people, but this is what you have been saving for. At Prosper Wealth Management, we work with you and your accounts to help you build the most effective retirement income strategy to let you live your ideal retirement. We take into account the possibility of age longevity, tax implications, and possible market fluctuations to make sure your retirement nest egg is working efficiently and will always be there for you.

Wealth Accumulation

Wealth accumulation is the idea of saving and building that nest egg for retirement. We don’t just help manage the money once it is invested, we actually work with you to uncover areas in your life to save even more.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the cornerstone to everything that we do, but there are many levels and types of financial plans. Some are comprehensive plans to help you build multi-generational wealth and others are simply to look for holes in your life insurance. We work with clients at the level that makes sense for them.

Asset Protection

You worked hard for your money and you need to be smart about protecting it. Insurance products and a well thought out estate plan can protect your money and assets for future generations.

Tax Minimization Strategies

Taxes are inevitable, but if planned for correctly, you can minimize them during the wealth accumulation phase and your retirement stage of life. Without a properly thought out tax strategy, you may find yourself paying extra taxes that could be avoided or at least minimized. Our goal at Prosper Wealth Management is to make sure you keep as much of your money as possible.

Long-Term Care

About 40% of people over age 65 will spend over 2 and half years in a nursing home during their life. At $5,000 to $7,000 per month, that will add up to $150,000 to $210,000 during your stay there. Most people can’t afford that type of cost coming out of their nest egg. We work with our clients and various insurance companies to put into place long-term care strategies that are affordable, and in many cases can keep your nest egg in tact.

College Savings

The average cost of attending a four-year public university in 2016 is about $9,000 per year. This does not include room and board. Student loans are available but are likely to leave your child or grandchild with significant debt before they even receive their first paycheck. With the various college savings plans available, you can get a loved one off on the right foot and help to eliminate the financial burden of student loan debt for them down the road. The investment gains can compound tax free, the student can access the money tax free for school purposes, and in some cases you are able to deduct your contributions from your taxes.

401(k) Rollovers

Leaving your retirement dollars with a previous employer may not always be a good idea. At Prosper Wealth Management, we help you review the plan costs and features of your old 401(k), as well as do a comparison of IRA options against the plan costs and features of your new employer’s 401(k) to make sure you have all of the variables before you make a decision.

Products We Use


Annuities are great because they can help remove the worry or fear of running out of money, by turning your nest egg into a guaranteed income stream for life.


IRAs allow you to grow your money tax-deferred, while ROTH IRAs have you pay taxes once and then allow you to grow your money tax free. Both are powerful investing tools.

Stocks & Bonds

Stocks allow you to own a piece of the greatest companies in the world and allows you to experience significant investment growth over long periods of time. Bonds are the debt of those great companies that provide steady streams of income to you as the lender.

Life Insurance

The most basic form of financial planning is a term life policy. If you have anyone who counts on you for anything, a spouse, a child, or even your parents, having a term life policy in place can give you and them the piece of mind that if anything tragic were to happen that financially they will be taken care of.

Other Professional Services

We also are happy to refer you to professional attorney or accountant that can help you with tax planning and trust creation to best meet your needs. If you already have one of these providers we will work with them on your behalf to ensure you have a 360 degree financial planning team set up.