Super Avery

If you were ever lucky enough to have a big brother, you were probably forced to watch Superhero movies and TV shows. Ever since Logan was able to walk he has been in love with everything superhero. It has officially rubbed off on his sister, but like Avery always does, she took it up level.

The other night we had a bug in our bedroom. Avery saw the bug and became upset as she does not like bugs, but then all of a sudden, she stopped whining and looked really intently at the bug. She then jumped off the bed disappearing to the ground for one second and then jumped back up with a shoe on her hand and proclaimed, “Super Avery can get it.”

Allison and I just loved it, I actually saved her from having to squish the thing and got it with a paper towel, but the imagination of that little girl to come up with a fearless alter-ego was fascinating. Avery knew she was too scared to get the bug, but Super Avery would have no problem.

I realized how many of us face that same situation every day? How many times have you been faced with something outside your comfort zone, that in your mind you felt you couldn’t do? Well what if we all started calling on our Super Power, to help you push through that fear?

Use your Super “You” to get over your fears, or maybe even the things you don’t want to do. For me, Tony, I don’t like calling new prospects, but Super Tony doesn’t care. Also, Tony doesn’t like to work out, but Super Tony loves it.

It might seem silly at first to have a Super Power, but I think like Avery we will all begin to like it.