Financial Planning like a 5-year-old Soccer Player

This weekend was Logan’s first soccer game. We have practiced in the yard and he had practiced last Saturday with his team, but half of our practice involved playing tag and making sure there were enough juice boxes to go around.

When they game got started I was a bit confused and proud as I watched Logan run around the field, steal the ball from the other team, dribble up the field, and actually score 2 goals. He had never shown that he really “got” the concept of soccer or that he even cared, but there he was out on the field looking like he had been playing for years.

After the game, I asked him how he knew what to do? He told me, “Dad I didn’t really know what to do, but you told me, don’t let the other team score and score on their goal, it really isn’t hard, can I have another Gatorade?”

He was right it really isn’t that hard.

I am analytical, to a fault. I analyze things until they are perfect, but the problem is not everything is going to be perfect, actually almost nothing ever is. I wish I had the same level of thinking as my five-year-old. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but as long as you know what you need to, just do something.

I think a lot of people use my type of analytical thinking about financial planning. They want to wait until they have enough money, or wait until they get closer to retirement. If Logan felt that way he would have just watched his first game from the sidelines instead of playing in it, where is the fun in that. By getting out there and doing it he learned along the way.

The funny thing about a financial plan is that you usually end up keeping more of your own money, because you know where it is actually going, and with a well thought out financial plan, your retirement date may actually move up!

I think we all need to think a little bit more like Logan and just do it.